How to Process a Shelterpay Transaction with the Send to Linked Device Feature

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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Completing Shelterpay transactions on dedicated devices like a kiosk or tablet has never been easier, thanks to the Send to Linked Device Shelterpay Feature.

Before continuing, please ensure that you have your linked devices set up by following the steps outlined here: How to Set Up, Edit, or Delete a Linked Shelterpay Device

How to complete the checkout

Start by adding an animal or non-adoption item to your shopping cart. Once your shopping cart is finalized, select the blue Continue with Payment button and complete your checkout form as normal.

On the Select Checkout Method form, choose Send to linked device followed by the blue Send to linked device button.



After choosing one of your devices, the Shelterpay checkout will open and be ready for your customer to complete on the linked device.