Behind the Scenes at Shelterluv

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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Each month in 2023, we'll be sharing updates on what we're building behind the scenes to transform your Shelterluv experience. These foundational upgrades are the largest investment we have ever made in the product, and they'll be worth the wait.

Be sure to check back every month for more updates!



September 2023


See which kennels are open in the new location selector!



Intake into foster with any existing person, or add a new person without ever leaving the intake form! Because the search now covers all people records, the people in your foster program will be clearly noted with the Willing Foster tag.



Easily edit the photos you upload at intake--or on the animal record--with a powerful new image editor. Use it to crop, rotate, resize, filter, annotate, adjust colors, and much more!



Intake multiple animals together by selecting Create & Intake More at the bottom of the intake form. Many thanks to those in our User Research community who helped shape this exciting new flow!



Collect digital signatures for all intake types, including stray!




Enjoy the flexibility of selecting animal(s) on the final screen to perform post-intake actions on!



August 2023


Note: We recorded these Treatments previews on a desktop, but this module is mobile-friendly as well!




Cancel individual doses when an animal misses or needs to skip a dose!




Quickly complete multiple doses across multiple treatment types in the revamped Treatment Sheet, saving time when you need to backfill medical data!




Save money on labels with a new design that includes the standard "For Veterinary Use Only" warning, and re-generate labels at any time if changes are made to the treatment course!




July 2023

The Latest in the New Medical Experience

Edit Multiple is now complete! Apply protocols to multiple animals at the same time to increase the efficiency of data entry.



Fall in love with Custom Medical Forms all over again in its new layout - with optional sections collapsed, it's much easier to see what's required, and it cuts down on scrolling!



Say hello to a better-looking Diagnostic Tests module with improved logic under the hood!



June 2023

Unveiling More Medical

Schedule vet/tech exams and behavior checks from the top of the animal record and quickly reference the reason for each check in the same spot!



Complete vaccines from anywhere with the new mobile-friendly design! We've also improved the vaccine logic behind the scenes to increase the accuracy of your medical records.





May 2023

More Medical

Add and resolve diagnoses faster with auto-populating stored text!



Quickly fill out daily observations on your phone as you make the rounds! If you make a mistake, no problem - you can edit and/or delete as needed.



Complete vaccines from anywhere - and don't forget to use the Quick Fill feature to save time!



Complete medical actions for multiple animals at the same time in the streamlined Edit Multiple layout.




April 2023

Medical, Continued

Don't have a computer in the surgery room? Not a problem with the mobile Shelterluv experience!

Discover new dropdown options on the detailed surgery form such as "WNL" and "Data not collected." Review surgeries more efficiently with a streamlined Procedure/Surgery card that hides unnecessary details.






Get the info you need at a glance with the shiny new vaccine module!





The following quotes are from user research participants who took a test drive of the new Shelterluv experience:


"We are always on the go and sometimes that means needing to access our Shelterluv info on our phones. This new mobile experience will make it much easier, streamlined, and even more user friendly than before."
- Jamie Gregory-Grant
Cleveland-Bolivar County Animal Shelter


"Being able to quickly check an animal's profile or make changes is essential to us as many of our staff are always on the go. It saves us so much time to be able to make those changes on our phones instead of having to wait until we are at a computer."

- Brittany Rutledge

Hearts Alive Village


"Since using the Field Services option as an app, we have been waiting for the new and improved mobile-friendly main site. I love that Shelterluv is always looking to be better than before and improves functionality and interface options in order to impact and better serve their clients."

- Brandi Winkleman



"Being able to use Shelterluv on our mobile and tablet devices will be such a great improvement to our productivity!"

- Trent Bingham

Nevada Humane Society - Carson City



March 2023

First Look: Medical

Medical is the largest product area in Shelterluv, and it's also the most complex in terms of backend logic. When we sat down to discuss it with our engineers, the focus was on improving the overall medical experience through thoughtfully written, clean code and a brand new mobile-responsive design.

Today you're getting a first look at the streamlined medical experience. Schedule and complete exams from the same tab, and review them quickly with a fresh card layout!








Hang tight - we'll have more medical to unveil next month!



February 2023

Search + Main Dashboard

Use Shelterluv anywhere with the new mobile-responsive design! Enter data in real-time instead of waiting until you're back at a computer.



Say goodbye to the radio buttons next to the main search bar. Instead, you'll get segmented animal and people search results.




Search all of your animals instantly using the main search bar. You won't need to uncheck the "show in custody only" and "show exact matches only" checkboxes!




Search easily by name, ID, microchip, foster parent, or previous ID on the Animals tab or the main search bar! Below, we look up animals in foster care with Murray Kozey without going to his person record.




Narrow your search with a reimagined filtering and advanced search experience.




Clearly see an animal's spay/neuter status and age right on the main Animals tab! NewColumns.gif



Stop the endless scrolling with pagination. You'll be able to view only the animals you selected, even across different pages and search results.ShowSelectedOnly.gif



Enjoy the new layout of Edit Multiple with fewer clicks! (Note: Medical functionality is still waiting to be coded.)




Create new person records right on the People tab without having to search for them first. Don't worry, we'll still help you check for duplicates! Keep scrolling to see that in action.




Avoid creating duplicates with the updated Duplicate Person Checker.




Search easily by name, ID, associated names, street address, phone, or email on the People tab or the main search bar!




Search, filter, and email your foster parents with this spankin' new version of Foster Finder.




Add helpful notes for each of your partners that your whole team can easily see.




The following quotes are from user research participants who took a test drive of the new Shelterluv experience:


"The new UI with type-ahead filters makes finding the animal or person I need super fast. I can do more with less clicks and am so excited about the updates."
- Rick DeLoach
President, Fayette Humane Society


"Our organization currently has 4 offsite locations and many foster homes. The ability to do adoptions from a phone has been crucial for us as this expedites being able to finalize adoptions no matter where we are. Having a mobile-friendly UI is very exciting for us for adoptions and treatments, making it much faster (and far less frustrating) than the pinch and zoom experience."
- Brittany Rutledge
Feline Program Coordinator, Hearts Alive Village


"I'm really looking forward to being able to edit and locate records without the extra clicks. It sounds like such a small thing, but when you're working with dozens of records a day, it really does add up."
- Mike Hatfield
Spay/Neuter Coordinator, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue


Next up - we'll be sharing the new Medical experience in March!




January 2023

Animal Record

Use Shelterluv anywhere with the new mobile-responsive design! Enter data in real-time instead of waiting until you're back at a computer.



The desktop design features a layout that minimizes context switching and maximizes screen real estate.



Edit data inline without clicking the "Edit Record" button! (Fun fact: This button is clicked ~275,000 times a month.)



Review and add memos while switching between different tabs! Also, pop-up memos have their own dedicated space that's out of the way of other data.



Update an animal's status and attributes from the top of the screen, and take advantage of the new S/N icon next to the litter icon to find out if the animal has been altered!



Move animals in half the clicks with the new location selector! See at a glance which kennels have space with color-coded capacity tags.




The following quotes are from user research participants who took a test drive of the new Shelterluv experience:


"After running through a demo of the new updates with the Shelterluv technical team, I can honestly say I am excited about this roll out! It is obvious that a lot of the changes we have been asking for have been incorporated into this new version, which shows just how much they value the input of their customers. I can’t wait for my whole team to see all of their feedback and ideas come to life in this new improved version of Shelterluv!"

- Alexis Pugh

Director, Memphis Animal Services


"I have told a few people here about how EASY it was to navigate the new screen and it felt very intuitive to me. Using Shelterluv for several years, it felt like a logical evolution of what we have. Easy to use, the layout made sense... it was very easy to make the next logical conclusion on where to go and what to look for.

...It appears at first glance that much time has been put into the design. I am very excited to see some of the deeper aspects of it... Feels like the Wright Brothers just jumped into their first jet!"

- Julie Townsend

Grant and Medical Scheduling Coordinator, Humane Society of West Michigan


"There are several reasons why I am excited and pleased with the enhancements on the existing software we are using. First, the new features and improvements will likely make the software more efficient and user-friendly, which will make it easier for us to complete our work. Additionally, the updates will open up new possibilities for how we use the software. Finally, it's always exciting to see a product that we rely on continue to evolve and improve over time. Overall, I am looking forward to the new enhancements and the positive impact they will have on our work."

Mark Neff

President and CEO, Forsyth Humane Society


That's all for this first look at the future state of Shelterluv - stay tuned as we'll be revealing the new Main Dashboard in February!