How do I process an outcome for euthanasia?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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This article will provide a complete walkthrough of processing a medical outcome for euthanasia from start to finish. The "Configuration prerequisites" section below lists items in your configurations that will need to be completed prior to processing the outcome.

Configuration prerequisites

Before you complete a medical outcome for euthanasia, you will need to make sure you have the following items configured and set up properly in your Shelterluv account:

Processing a medical outcome for euthanasia

To begin, navigate to the "Medical" tab on the appropriate animal record. From there, choose the blue "Mark Medical Outcome" button and select "Euthanasia" from the dropdown menu.



Once selected, you will be presented with your configured euthanasia outcome form to fill out. Once the form is completed, select the blue "Save" button to finalize the medical outcome for euthanasia on the animal record.

Configuration notes

  • To log more than one drug used for the euthanasia outcome, select "Add Another Controlled Substance" near the bottom of the form.
  • If a vet or external clinic is involved with euthanizing and thus you don't have the details on the controlled substances used, these fields can be made optional on your euthanasia outcome form.
  • If you do not perform on-site euthanasia, you may want to hide some of the fields such as "Performed By" since the dropdown will only include your on-site staff.
  • If euthanasia is performed off-site, external vets or clinics should be added to your Location configurations and can be organized under a single parent site.