Where do I find important documents for an animal?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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All documents for an animal can be found via the animal's record. When you open an animal's record, you'll notice a paper clip icon on the right side. 



Clicking this icon will open a table that contains all documents that you've uploaded, as well as all system generated documents.


System generated documents include:

  • kennel card
  • medical history
  • treatment sheet history
  • rabies vaccine certificate
  • spay/neuter certificate
  • memos
  • disclaimers
  • vaccines
  • license
  • adoption contract

Important notes:

  • The layout for kennel cards (or sometimes referred to as cage cards) can be updated via Configuration > General Shelter > Kennel Card Builder by users with full configuration permissions. There are several different layout templates for kennel cards to choose from.
  • Other contracts (contracts for stray, owner redemption, service, euthanasia, etc.) can be found via the associated person's record. The paper clip icon on the person's record will open up a very similar table containing all associated documents.

Sharing these documents

All of these documents can either be printed or emailed to whomever you like. Simply click the printer or letter icons for the documents you would like to print or email. Clicking the printer icon will open a new tab for each document.


Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at help@shelterluv.com.