How do I add or schedule a surgery?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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You can add and schedule surgeries and procedures from the animal's record and the Medical tab. On the Proc & Surg subtab, you'll see two buttons, "Record Procedure/Surgery +" and "Schedule Procedure/Surgery +". 



Recording a Procedure or Surgery

 When you click the blue "Record Procedure/Surgery +" button, you'll see the below pop-up. 




Configuration Note: There are several fields in this pop-up that need to be configured via Configuration by a user with medical configuration permissions.

  • Lead surgeons can be added via Configuration > Medical > Staffing.
  • Procedure types can be added via Configuration > Medical > Surgeries & Procedures.
  • Clinic name can be added via Configuration > Medical > Clinic Contact Information.

The "Received spay/neuter?" drop-down field is the system-generated question that is connected to the spay/neuter status of the animal in general. If you're adding a spay/neuter surgery, this may look like a duplicate field. However, this is an important field to complete because marking yes on this field will automatically update the spay/neuter status of the animal and generate a spay/neuter certificate.



Scheduling a Procedure or Surgery

To schedule a procedure or surgery, click the blue "Schedule Procedure/Surgery +" button and the below pop-up will appear. 



The "Type" field will display the surgery/procedure types that have been configured for your shelter or rescue. This scheduled procedure or surgery will display on the Procedures/Surgeries Tasks list on the "Target Date" indicated in this pop-up.


Deleting surgeries

Completed and scheduled procedures and surgeries can be deleted from an animal's record, but they are not editable. Simply clicking the "x" to the right of the surgery will delete it. 


If you have any questions about adding or scheduling procedures or surgeries, please let us know by emailing