How do I add a physical exam?

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Physical exams can be recorded on an animal's record from the Medical tab and Physical Exam subtab.


Clicking "Add Physical Exam" will open a new exam form from the right side of your screen. 



From there, you can complete the exam fields. While you have that exam form open, you can still view and interact with the rest of the animal's record. This allows you to reference other information on the animal's record while you complete the form, if needed. 

You can also hide the form by clicking the blue arrow at the top of the form. This will simply hide the draft of the exam behind a blue box on the right side of your screen. You can open the draft exam back up by simply clicking on the blue box. 

Note that the exam draft will be available as long as you stay on that animal's record. If you navigate away from the animal's record, the draft will not be saved. 



Configuration Note: "Exam Type", "Template" and "Diagnosis are fields that can be configured via Configuration by users with medical configuration permissions. You can learn more about how to configure physical exams here


Editing Physical Exams

Completed physical exams can be edited easily by finding the exam you'd like to edit and clicking the icon of three vertical dots in the top right corner of the exam card.  Clicking Edit from there will open the exam form back up from the right side of the screen where you can edit any fields you'd like. editing_pe.png


To delete a completed Physical exam, click edit again to locate the "Delete" button.


If you have questions about adding physical exams, please let us know by emailing