Diagnostic tests custom reports

Greg Lucas
Greg Lucas
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You can run a custom report based on diagnostic tests by selecting "Events" and "Diagnostic Tests". Add rules based on what you are interested in and customize the report columns to make the table easier to read. Click to read more on how to run custom reports.

Special Rules

Diagnostic tests have several options for rules:

  • Test Name is what the test is called in the dropdown when adding it to an animal. It often is a simple or generic term. "FeLV/FIV test"
  • Product is the actual brand that is used, e.g., IDEXX's 4Dx Plus SNAP
  • Result Name only applies to tests that have multiple result options, e.g., FeLV/FIV, 4Dx, etc. Choose a result name if you are trying to narrow your search to only one result in a test, e.g. only FeLV results.
  • Result is either positive, negative, inconclusive, or text based. If you are running a report on a text result then you'll need to type in the exact text you are looking for.

If you don't know the Test name, product, result name, or result you are looking for, check in your configuration under medical.