Configuring and Using Adoption Counselors

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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If you have adoption counselors that do not log into Shelterluv, but you want to keep track of which adoptions they've been involved with, you can add them here.

Configuring your adoption counselors

To begin, navigate to your gear icon > Configuration > Staffing.



Next, select the "Add Adoption Counselor" option to enter the counselor's name and allow them to apply their digital signature.

The digital signature is completely optional.



To delete an adoption counselor who is no longer active, select the "Edit" option next to the appropriate name and choose the red "Delete" option.

Include adoption counselors on your adoption outcome form

Now that you have your adoption counselors configured, you can make sure each adoption outcome is associated with the correct counselor.

Begin by navigating to your gear icon > Configuration > Intake and Outcome > Outcome Forms > Adoption. From here, you can mark the "Adoption Counselor" field as mandatory so your staff must select the appropriate counselor. Doing so will allow you to report on this information when needed.



Reporting on your adoption counselors

At this point, your adoption outcome form should have the "Adoption Counselor" field marked as mandatory and your adoption counselors should be fully configured.

To report on your adoption counselors, run the Custom Events Outcome report. Be sure to do the following:

  • Add a rule to only show adoption outcomes
  • Include the "Adoption Counselor" custom column

Once this is done, select your needed date range and run the report. This report will display all adoption outcomes for your given date range along with the associated adoption counselor.

For more details on running custom reports, please review How do I run custom reports?