Reports Overview

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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If you have Reporting permissions, you’ll find Analysis & Reports in the Gear Menu. We have two types of reports: quick reports and custom reports.

Quick Reports

Quick reports are the standard, pre-built reports that we have for you related to animals, fosters, partners, adoptions, and accounting. We can look at all animals in your custody, active foster parents, or a list of donations made, just to name a few.

If you need the specific report for the Shelter Animals Count initiative, you can find that under the report named Animal Stats Matrix in the External tab. Maddie’s Asilomar report can also be found in the same tab.

For example, here's the basic report, Animal Inventory. You can see that this report lists in real-time all animals in your custody. You can filter down to those that are available and those that are onsite if those were questions you were interested in.


Custom Reports

Custom reports give you the ability to answer specific questions of the data. You start with either an entity (animal or person) or an event (like intake, outcome, transaction, etc.).


You can add rules to the query to narrow the data down, add subsequent events or entities, and even customize the columns of the report for what you want to look at specifically.



For example, let’s look at an event custom report for intakes for a certain period of time. Let’s pretend we want to specifically look at stray dog intakes, so we add rules to narrow this data down to stray dogs. Let’s say we also want to see some more specific information about these stray intake animals, so let’s customize columns and add age group to the report.



There is a lot to explore in Analysis & Reports, so take a look around at the different report options and see what might be most helpful for your organization’s needs.