Where can I find my monthly invoice?

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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Your monthly invoice will be automatically emailed to the shelter administrator on file.

If you have the "Configure my shelter & its Users" permission, you can also log into Shelterluv and then navigate to your gear icon > Configurations > Onboarding and Billing > Shelterluv Onboarding:



The invoice links are at the bottom of the page:


To update your Payment Details you can also log into Shelterluv and then navigate to https://www.shelterluv.com/shelter-onboard and under Sheltlerluv Pricing select Payment Details and then you will see this pop-up to edit your card information:


If you’d prefer ACH or check payment methods, or have any questions or concerns about your invoice, please email billing@shelterluv.com.

If you are billed monthly by adoption outcomes, any backdated adoption will still be counted in the current month's billing cycle regardless of the date it is backdated to. Please reach out to us at help@shelterluv.com  if you have any further questions about this. See How can I edit the date of an intake, outcome, or foster event? for more information on backdating.