How do I change an animal's custody from a person to a partner?

  • Updated

Animals that are in an owner's care can now be updated to be in the care of one of your partner organizations (similar to how you can transfer custody of an animal from one owner to a new owner). This custody change will allow you to subsequently intake the animal into your care from that partner.

Important notes:

  1. Right now, this functionality will only be an option if the partner organization is NOT a current Shelterluv customer.)
  2. You cannot undo any custody changes and they are not reportable events.

You will find this custody change option from the current owner's record on the Animals tab. Choose "Transfer Custody to Partner" from the green "Select" button. 



You'll then be asked to complete a short form about the custody change. Then you'll see this animal displayed on the partner's page under a new tab called "Custody Changes." From there, you will see options to process the animal as either a transfer intake or service intake from the partner.