Basic overview of Shelterluv

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Homepage or Main Dashboard Page

This is the page that you will see first every time you log in. From home, you can see basic information organized into four tabs - animals, people, partners, and transactions.


The animals tab lists in a table every animal in your custody. The people tab lists all recently accessed people who interact with your organization in any capacity - staff, volunteers, adopters, fosters, someone who brings in a stray, someone who surrenders their animal, etc. The partners tab lists every organization that you transfer to and from. Transactions lists all the transactions that your organization handles, like adoption fees and any purchases.  

Action Button

The second big piece of navigation is the action button at the top of the home screen. Here is where you start all intake and outcome flows. Once you click on a certain intake or outcome, the software will guide you through the steps to complete it.



Also from the header, you’ll find Tasks. This is where your organization will keep track of all the daily to-dos, including tasks related to medical, behavioral, transfers, adoption applications, etc.



To the right of Tasks, you’ll see the Search bar. From here, you can search for either people or animals. There are also many specific ways you can search if you click on the small arrow and go to advanced search - those can be really helpful if you can’t remember the animal or person’s name.

Note: Advanced search is limited to the first 300 results. If you need a more complete data set, we recommend using the Analysis & Reports module.


Gear Menu

On the right side of the header, you’ll find the Gear menu. What you see in the Gear menu will depend on your individual permissions. The Gear Menu includes links to:

  • Users, where you can add users, edit existing users, and manage users' permissions
  • Configuration, where you can configure different parts of the software to fit your organization’s needs
  • Tasks, described above
  • Record Management, where you can delete intakes, outcomes, licenses, and transactions
  • Analysis & Reports, where you can run both pre-built and custom reports
  • Application Manager, where you can manage and process all submitted digital applications
  • Help Center, where you can search for video and articles that explain how to use various parts of the software
  • Guided Tours, where you can choose from a list of tours through the software that walk you through how to do things like processing an intake or outcome, moving an animal to a foster home, and more
  • Logout, to quickly and easily sign out of the software. 



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