How do I add a diagnostic test?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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A diagnostic test can be added to an animal via the animal's record. You'll find a subtab for Diagnostic Tests within the Medical tab of an animal's record. From this subtab, you'll see the option to either complete a test or schedule a test.


Adding a completed diagnostic test

If you have run the test and have results or are waiting for results then you will use this option. After clicking "Complete test", you'll see this pop-up to fill out for the details of the completed test:


The different diagnostic tests and their respective result options that you set up in Configuration will be options in this pop-up.

Mark result status as "completed" if you have run the test and the results are known (e.g., in house diagnostics). Mark the results as "Pending" if you have run the test but are waiting on results (e.g., submitting bloodwork, waiting on DTM plates).

When you add results you will have the option to add a diagnosis based on the test results. Adding a diagnosis this way will save you lots of time and help with reporting on diseases of interest.


Adding results to a pending diagnostic test

Once results are back for a test, you can add results by clicking on "Add results" in the three-dot menu on the right hand side (see below screenshot). This can also be completed from Tasks > Medical > Diagnostic Tests, which is helpful if you need to add results to multiple tests at one time.


When adding results you can can also add notes about the test (e.g., "result was faint positive") and schedule a repeat test using the "Next due date" option.


Scheduling a diagnostic test

If you'd like to schedule a test for an animal for some day in the future, use the "Schedule test" button from the Diagnostic Tests subtab and complete this pop-up:


The scheduled diagnostic test will then display on the animal's record as a scheduled test. When the scheduled test is due, you can complete it in one of two ways. You can complete it right from the animal's record by clicking on the three-dot menu on the right hand side (see below screenshot).


Or you can complete a scheduled diagnostic test via the Tasks interface within the Medical tab.


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