Re-intaking previously outcomed animals as strays

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
  • Updated

You can now re-intake a previously outcomed animal as a stray intake. No matter whether the animal was previously adopted, transferred, returned to owner or otherwise, you can intake the animal as a stray from the person record with which the animal was outcomed.

If the animal had previously been adopted, returned to owner, or had a service outcome, find that owner's record and navigate to the Animals tab. Find the row for the appropriate animal, click the green Action button and select "Found as Stray" to be taken right into the stray intake form.

(If the animal is coming back in through a partner, click here to learn how to transfer the animal back in.)



On the stray intake form, you'll see a new field at the very top of the intake form for "Associated Person." This field is to indicate who found the stray animal. Start typing the person's name and you'll see matching results returned to choose from. If the person doesn't have an existing record, choose the "Add a new person" option, and you'll be given the person fields to complete at the very top of the intake form.



From there, complete the rest of the stray intake form like normal, click "Next," and the stray intake will be completed.