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How do I use status review dates?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Status review dates can be useful for many different types of things where you need to be reminded of some update an animal will be ready for in a given number of days.

For example, an animal may be on a stray hold for the next five days, after which you'd like to make the animal available for adoption. You can add a review date to the animal's record, tied to their current status, for five days from now. In five days, that animal will display in a task list called "Status Review" as a reminder for that stray hold ending. From that task list, you can select the animal and update the status, which will clear the review date off of the animal altogether.

Adding a Review Date

You can add a review date to an animal from the Processing tab and Status subtab of the animal's record. You can also add a review date directly from any intake form.



You'll be asked to simply add a date for when you'd like the animal's status to be reviewed and an optional memo field, which will display on the task list with that animal.


Reviewing Statuses

If you navigate to the Tasks page (via the gear icon in the top right corner OR the checkmark icon in the header bar at the top of your screen), you'll see a tab called "Status Review." Here you'll see a list of animals that have been assigned a review date within the date range you select. You can clear their review date by selecting the animal and using the blue "Update Status" button to update the animal's status. The animal will be automatically cleared off this list (and their review date removed) once the status is updated.

No other update will be made to the animal's record - the review date will simply be cleared off. This functionality is meant to be more of a reminder for you for something that needs to happen with an animal.

Updating the status of the animal BEFORE their review date will wipe out the later review date altogether also.