How do I use quick fills in treatments?

Greg Lucas
Greg Lucas
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Quick fills (also known as templates) are used to rapidly fill out the treatment pop-up. You can create as many quick fills as you'd like to help staff enter treatments more efficiently. You can customize quick fills in Configuration > Medical > Treatments and Preventatives > Quick fill templates.

For example, you could create a a template called "Doxycycline" that is a once a day treatment that lasts 14 days. At the end of treatment, it can also be set up to create a vet check.

  • Treatment= Doxycycline suspension
  • Route= PO (by mouth)
  • Multiple doses= Yes
  • Amount= blank (Staff will decide dose for each animal)
  • Amount unit= mL (because this is a liquid drug)
  • Frequency= SID (pm)
  • Duration= 14 days
  • Request Vet Check= Yes
  • Days until vet check = 14
  • Reason= URI recheck


Now, when you go to add a treatment, simply select this quick fill. It will automatically fill with all the values described above. Staff need only add the amount that they are prescribing. You can also edit any fields you want, but the template saves you time and clicks for the majority of cases.

Please note: Any treatments already entered into Shelterluv will not be altered or deleted if you edit or delete the quick fill treatment that was used to create it.