How do controlled substances work?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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You are able to log and track controlled substances in Shelterluv. You will find a section in Medical Configuration called "Controlled Substance Tracking," with subsections for Logs, Inventory, and Authorized Users. 


You can add controlled substances via the Inventory section. Once a controlled substance is added, a user can add containers of that drug. For example, you may add Fentanyl 12.5 mcg/hr patches (5/box) as a controlled substance. As you order this drug, you will add containers to inventory and number them sequentially (box 1, box 2, etc.). When you run an inventory report, you will see that for Fentanyl 12.5 mcg/hr, you have a certain number of containers in stock.

To make a box accessible for euthanasia outcomes, the box must be activated first. Only active boxes, not those in stock or those that are empty, can be accessed through the euthanasia wizard.

You can activate boxes, as well as mark containers as empty, through either the Inventory or Log sections of Configuration:


As you use doses of each drug through euthanasia outcomes, you will be asked how much of the drug you've used, how much you might have wasted, and which container it came from. That usage will be logged for that specific container in the Logs section of Configuration.

Authorized Users:

This section is where you control which users are able to log usage of your controlled substances for euthanasia outcomes. You can add and edit users from this list, as well as set start and end dates for authorization of certain users.