How do I Process a Pre-Intake?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Pre-intakes (or pending intakes) are records that you start for animals that aren't in your custody yet. These can be useful for different types of situations. For example, perhaps you have animals being transported to you in a few days, and you want to start records for each animal ahead of time to make the process even faster when the animals are officially in your care. 

Configuring your pre-intake status(es)

Before you can complete a pre-intake, you first need to create a pre-intake status, perhaps named "Pending Intake", for example. Then, make sure that the status is set as "in custody=no" as shown in the screenshot below.



Processing the pre-intake

Once you have this status set up, you start by going through the appropriate intake flow like normal. The only difference is that you choose your designated pre-intake "in custody=no" status for the animal record. This will create a partial record for the animal with the information you submit on the intake form, but the animal won't yet be considered in your custody.

Please note:

  • You will need to select a location or foster home on the intake form because it's a required field, but it won't be added to the animal's history until you complete the intake, at which point you can change the location if necessary.
  • The Intake Date you select cannot be a date in the future on the pre-intake animal's intake form but this date can be changed later when you complete the animal's intake.
  • If contracts are configured to be displayed, they will come up during this pre-intake process and not when the intake is completed later.

Once you complete the intake form as instructed above, the animal record will have an extra green button labeled "Complete Intake".



Selecting the green "Complete Intake" will trigger a pop-up that asks for the animal's intake date, as well as a new status and location. Submitting this form will complete the intake and update the animal to officially be in your custody.



Searching for pre-intake records

Because pre-intake records are not in your custody yet, they can be located a little differently than your in-custody records. You have two ways of finding these records:

  1. Use the animal search bar to search for the animal using the animal's name or ID number.
  2. Use the status filter on the main Animals tab and filter by the pre-intake status you've given the animal. This will display all animals with that status. These animals will NOT display on the main Animals tab unless you're filtering with the pre-intake status. From here, you are able to complete intakes on multiple animals by selecting them and clicking the "Edit Multiple" icon.