How to move an animal to and from a foster parent

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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This article explains how to move an animal TO a foster parent, as well as return an animal FROM a foster parent.

There are two different ways in which you may want to update an animal to go to a foster parent:

  • When you're first intaking the animal and the animal is going directly to the foster. This is probably the case for most foster-based rescues.
  • When the animal is already in your custody in your shelter, and he/she is going out to a foster parent.

1. Directly to Foster Upon Intake

If you're intaking an animal that is going directly to a foster, you can do this directly in the intake form. In the "Intake Into" field, select Foster (instead of Shelter). Once Foster is selected, an additional field will display to enter the Foster Parent name. This field will auto-complete with possible foster parents based on what you type. The system will only display people who have been marked with the "willing foster" attribute in their records. Choose the correct parent from the list it gives you. 


NOTE: If typing the foster parent's name doesn't return any options (or doesn't return the correct options), there are probably one of two things happening:

  1. That person doesn't have a record in Shelterluv yet. Check out this quick video on how to add a new person record. 
  2. That person has a record but hasn't been marked with the "willing foster" attribute. If this was a mistake, you can add the attribute in that person's record in the Attributes tab.


2. To Foster from Shelter

If the animal is already in your custody and you'd like to move the animal to a foster parent, you start by navigating to the foster parent's record and to the Animals tab.

From the Add Animal button, click "Foster."


From there, you'll be taken to a list of in-custody animals. Use the search bar to find the correct animal. When you click on the green "Foster" button on the correct animal, you'll see a drop-down from which you should choose the correct status the animal should be moved to. Click "Complete" and you're done!



When you're ready to return an animal from a foster parent OR move an animal to a new foster parent, you again start by navigating to that foster parent's record and to the Animals tab. Find the correct animal in their animal list, click the green "Select" button on the right side of the row, and select "Return Foster."


After clicking "Complete Foster Return", you'll see a short foster return form to complete. The "Intake into" field dictates whether the animal will be returned to the shelter or go to a new foster parent. If you select "Foster", an additional field will display where you can enter the foster parent's name. 

NOTE: The only foster parent names that will be returned in the Foster Parent field will be those that have been marked as "willing foster" or "foster (active)" on their records.