Shelterluv's species and breeds

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Below you will find the complete list of all species and breeds that are available to you in your Shelterluv account.


Type Species Breed
Barnyard Alpaca  Huacaya
Barnyard Alpaca  Other
Barnyard Alpaca  Suri
Barnyard Cow Angus
Barnyard Cow Ayrshire
Barnyard Cow Beefmaster
Barnyard Cow Brahma
Barnyard Cow Brangus
Barnyard Cow Brown Swiss
Barnyard Cow Charolais
Barnyard Cow Guernsey
Barnyard Cow Hereford
Barnyard Cow Holstein
Barnyard Cow Jersey
Barnyard Cow Limousin
Barnyard Cow Longhorn
Barnyard Cow Milking Shorthorn
Barnyard Cow Murray Gray
Barnyard Cow Other 
Barnyard Cow Pinzgauer
Barnyard Cow Salers
Barnyard Cow Santa Gertrudis
Barnyard Cow Shorthorn
Barnyard Cow Simmental
Barnyard Donkey Abyssinian
Barnyard Donkey Anatolia
Barnyard Donkey Large Standard
Barnyard Donkey American Mammoth
Barnyard Donkey Mary
Barnyard Donkey Miniature
Barnyard Donkey Burro
Barnyard Donkey Sicilian
Barnyard Donkey Corsican
Barnyard Donkey Other 
Barnyard Donkey Poitou
Barnyard Donkey Standard
Barnyard Goat Alpine
Barnyard Goat Anglo-Nubian
Barnyard Goat Angora 
Barnyard Goat Boer
Barnyard Goat Cashmere
Barnyard Goat Fainting
Barnyard Goat Kinder
Barnyard Goat LaMancha
Barnyard Goat Miniature
Barnyard Goat Nigerian Dwarf
Barnyard Goat Nubian
Barnyard Goat Oberhasli
Barnyard Goat Other 
Barnyard Goat Pygmy
Barnyard Goat Saanen
Barnyard Goat Toggenburg
Barnyard Llama  
Barnyard Mule/Hinny Miniature
Barnyard Mule/Hinny Mammoth
Barnyard Mule/Hinny Other 
Barnyard Pig Berkshire
Barnyard Pig Duroc
Barnyard Pig Essex
Barnyard Pig Kunekune
Barnyard Pig Landrance
Barnyard Pig Large White
Barnyard Pig Other
Barnyard Pig Pietrain
Barnyard Pig Red Wattle
Barnyard Pig Saddleback
Barnyard Pig Vietnamese Potbelly 
Barnyard Sheep Cheviot
Barnyard Sheep Coopworth
Barnyard Sheep Corriedale
Barnyard Sheep Danish Landrace
Barnyard Sheep Dorset
Barnyard Sheep Hampshire
Barnyard Sheep Icelandic
Barnyard Sheep Lincoln
Barnyard Sheep Merino
Barnyard Sheep Barbados
Barnyard Sheep Rambouillet
Barnyard Sheep Other 
Barnyard Sheep Polled Dorset
Barnyard Sheep Romney Marsh
Barnyard Sheep Suffolk
Barnyard Sheep Texel
Bird African Grey Parrot, Congo  
Bird African Grey Parrot, Timneh  
Bird Amazon Parrot, Double Yellow-headed
Bird Amazon Parrot, Lilac-crowned  
Bird Amazon Parrot, Mealy  
Bird Amazon Parrot, Orange-winged  
Bird Amazon Parrot, Panama  
Bird Amazon Parrot, Red-lored  
Bird Amazon Parrot, Turquoise/Blue-fronted
Bird Amazon Parrot, White-fronted  
Bird Amazon Parrot, Yellow-crowned  
Bird Amazon Parrot, Yellow-naped  
Bird Bird, Unspecified   
Bird Blackbird, Brewers   
Bird Blackbird, Red-winged   
Bird Bluebird, Mountain   
Bird Bluebird, Western   
Bird Brotogeris Parrot, Unspecified  
Bird Bushlark   
Bird Bushtit   
Bird Butcherbird, Black   
Bird Caique, Black-headed   
Bird Caique, Black-legged  
Bird Caique, Green-thighed  
Bird Caique, Yellow-tailed  
Bird California Towhee   
Bird Canary   
Bird Chickadee   
Bird Chicken, Domestic Bantam
Bird Chicken, Domestic Leghorn
Bird Chicken, Domestic Rhode Island Red
Bird Chicken, Domestic Phillipine
Bird Chicken, Domestic Araucana
Bird Chicken, Domestic Polish
Bird Chicken, Domestic Sebright
Bird Chicken, Domestic Cornish
Bird Chicken, Domestic Barred Rock
Bird Chicken, Domestic Other
Bird Chicken, Domestic Silkie
Bird Cockatiel   
Bird Cockatoo, Bare-eyed    
Bird Cockatoo, Goffin's  
Bird Cockatoo, Greater Sulfur-crested  
Bird Cockatoo, Major Mitchell's  
Bird Cockatoo, Medium Sulfur-crested  
Bird Cockatoo, Salmon-crested/Moluccan
Bird Cockatoo, Solomons/DuCorps  
Bird Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested  
Bird Cockatoo, Umbrella  
Bird Cockatoo, Unspecified  
Bird Cockatoo, Yellow-crested  
Bird Conure, Cherry-headed  
Bird Conure, Crimson-bellied  
Bird Conure, Dusky  
Bird Conure, Gold Cap  
Bird Conure, Green-cheeked  
Bird Conure, Jenday  
Bird Conure, Mitred  
Bird Conure, Nanday  
Bird Conure, Pearly  
Bird Conure, Rose-Crowned  
Bird Conure, Rosifrons  
Bird Conure, Sun  
Bird Conure, Sunday  
Bird Conure, Unspecified  
Bird Conure, White-Eyed  
Bird Coot   
Bird Corella, Unspecified   
Bird Cormorant, Brandts   
Bird Cormorant, Great   
Bird Cormorant, Unspecified   
Bird Crow, American   
Bird Crow, Unspecified   
Bird Curlew, Long-billed   
Bird Dove, Diamond   
Bird Dove, Mourning/Turtle  
Bird Dove, Ring-necked   
Bird Dove, Unspecified  
Bird Duck, Canvasback   
Bird Duck, Domestic Muscovy
Bird Duck, Domestic Other
Bird Duck, Garganey   
Bird Duck, Mallard   
Bird Duck, Pacific Black   
Bird Duck, Peking   
Bird Duck, Unspecified   
Bird Duck, Wood   
Bird Eagle, Sea White-Bellied   
Bird Eagle, Unspecified  
Bird Egret, Great   
Bird Egret, Snowy   
Bird Egret, Unspecified   
Bird Emu  
Bird Falcon, Peregrine   
Bird Falcon, Unspecified   
Bird Finch, American Goldfinch   
Bird Finch, Black Throated   
Bird Finch, Blue Faced   
Bird Finch, Cassins   
Bird Finch, Crimson   
Bird Finch, Gouldian   
Bird Finch, House   
Bird Finch, Lesser Goldfinch   
Bird Finch, Masked   
Bird Finch, Star   
Bird Finch, Unspecified   
Bird Finch, Zebra   
Bird Flycatcher, Western   
Bird Fowl, Guinea   
Bird Goose, Brant   
Bird Goose, Canada   
Bird Goose, Domestic African
Bird Goose, Domestic American Buff
Bird Goose, Domestic Chinese
Bird Goose, Domestic Emden
Bird Goose, Domestic Other
Bird Goose, Domestic Pilgrim
Bird Goose, Domestic Pomeranian
Bird Goose, Domestic Scania
Bird Goose, Pygmy   
Bird Goose, Unspecified  
Bird Grebe, Horned   
Bird Grosbeak, Black-headed   
Bird Gull, California   
Bird Gull, Herring   
Bird Gull, Unspecified   
Bird Gull, Western   
Bird Hawk, Coopers   
Bird Hawk, Grey Goshawk   
Bird Hawk, Nighthawk   
Bird Hawk, Northern Harrier   
Bird Hawk, Red-Shouldered   
Bird Hawk, Red-Tailed   
Bird Hawk, Sparrow   
Bird Hawk, Sparrowhawk   
Bird Hawk, Unspecified   
Bird Hen, Bush   
Bird Heron, Black-crowned Night   
Bird Heron, Great Blue   
Bird Heron, Unspecified   
Bird Hummingbird, Allen's   
Bird Hummingbird, Anna's   
Bird Hummingbird, Black-chinned   
Bird Hummingbird, Rufous   
Bird Hummingbird, Unspecified   
Bird Jay, Blue   
Bird Jay, Unspecified  
Bird Jay, Western Scrub   
Bird Kakariki  
Bird Kestrel, American   
Bird Loon, Common   
Bird Loon, Red-throated   
Bird Loon, Unspecified  
Bird Lorikeet   
Bird Lory  
Bird Lovebird   
Bird Macaw, Blue-and-gold  
Bird Macaw, Blue-throated  
Bird Macaw, Buffon's  
Bird Macaw, Chestnut-fronted/Severe  
Bird Macaw, Green-winged  
Bird Macaw, Hyacinth  
Bird Macaw, Hybrid  
Bird Macaw, Lear's  
Bird Macaw, Military  
Bird Macaw, Red-fronted  
Bird Macaw, Red-shouldered  
Bird Macaw, Scarlet  
Bird Macaw, Unspecified  
Bird Macaw, Yellow-Collared  
Bird Meadlowlark, Western   
Bird Mockingbird, Northern   
Bird Oriole, Northen   
Bird Ostrich                                         
Bird Owl, Barn   
Bird Owl, Great-Horned   
Bird Owl, Spotted   
Bird Owl, Unspecified   
Bird Owl, Western Screech   
Bird Parakeet, African Rose-ringed/Ring-necked
Bird Parakeet, Common (Budgie/Budgerigar) 
Bird Parakeet, English  
Bird Parakeet, Grass  
Bird Parakeet, Indian Rose-ringed/Ring-necked
Bird Parakeet, Monk/Quaker  
Bird Parakeet, Plum-headed  
Bird Parakeet, Unspecified   
Bird Parrot, Amazon  
Bird Parrot, Andrine   
Bird Parrot, Brown-headed  
Bird Parrot, Caique  
Bird Parrot, Eclectus  
Bird Parrot, Golden-shouldered   
Bird Parrot, Meyer's  
Bird Parrot, Mulga  
Bird Parrot, Red-bellied  
Bird Parrot, Red-fronted/Jardine's  
Bird Parrot, Senegal  
Bird Parrot, Superb/Barraband's  
Bird Parrot, Unspecified   
Bird Parrotlet, Unspecified                               
Bird Peacock   
Bird Pelican  
Bird Pheasant, Ring-Necked   
Bird Pheasant, Unspecified   
Bird Phoebe, Black   
Bird Pigeon, Band-tailed   
Bird Pigeon, Brown   
Bird Pigeon, Crested   
Bird Pigeon, Domestic Other
Bird Pigeon, Domestic Racer
Bird Pigeon, Squatter   
Bird Pigeon, Unspecified   
Bird Pionus, Blue-headed  
Bird Pionus, Bronze-winged  
Bird Pionus, Dusky  
Bird Pionus, Red-billed/coral-billed  
Bird Pionus, Scaly-headed/Maximillian's
Bird Pionus, Speckle-faced  
Bird Pionus, White-capped/headed  
Bird Pionus, White-crowned  
Bird Plover, Grey   
Bird Quail, Brown   
Bird Quail, California   
Bird Quail, Domestic/Japanese   
Bird Quail, Unspecified   
Bird Rail, Red-Necked   
Bird Raven, Common   
Bird Robin, American   
Bird Robin, Eastern Yellow   
Bird Robin, Unspecified   
Bird Robin, White-Faced   
Bird Rosella, Crimson  
Bird Rosella, Eastern  
Bird Rosella, Green  
Bird Rosella, Northern  
Bird Rosella, Pale-headed  
Bird Rosella, Unspecified  
Bird Rosella, Western  
Bird Sandpiper   
Bird Sapsucker, Red-Breasted   
Bird Snipe, Common   
Bird Songlark, Brown   
Bird Sparrow, Fox   
Bird Sparrow, Golden-Crowned   
Bird Sparrow, House   
Bird Sparrow, Song   
Bird Sparrow, Unspecified   
Bird Sparrow, White-crowned   
Bird Spoonbill   
Bird Starling, European   
Bird Starling, Shining   
Bird Swallow, Barn   
Bird Swallow, Cliff   
Bird Swallow, Unspecified   
Bird Swan  
Bird Swift, Black   
Bird Swift, White-Throated   
Bird Swiftlet, Grey   
Bird Thrush   
Bird Titmouse   
Bird Toucan  
Bird Turkey, Domestic Auburn
Bird Turkey, Domestic Belsville Small White
Bird Turkey, Domestic Black
Bird Turkey, Domestic Black-winged Bronze
Bird Turkey, Domestic Blue Palm
Bird Turkey, Domestic Bourbon Red
Bird Turkey, Domestic Bronze, Broad-breasted
Bird Turkey, Domestic Bronze, Standard or Unimproved
Bird Turkey, Domestic Buff
Bird Turkey, Domestic Calico
Bird Turkey, Domestic Chocolate
Bird Turkey, Domestic Crested
Bird Turkey, Domestic Crimson Dawn
Bird Turkey, Domestic Crollweitzer
Bird Turkey, Domestic Golden Palm
Bird Turkey, Domestic Kardosh
Bird Turkey, Domestic Lilac
Bird Turkey, Domestic Narragansett
Bird Turkey, Domestic Nebraskan
Bird Turkey, Domestic Norfolk
Bird Turkey, Domestic Pied
Bird Turkey, Domestic Porcelain
Bird Turkey, Domestic Red Slate
Bird Turkey, Domestic Regal Red
Bird Turkey, Domestic Ronquières 
Bird Turkey, Domestic Royal Palm
Bird Turkey, Domestic Silver Auburn
Bird Turkey, Domestic Slate Blue
Bird Turkey, Domestic Spanish
Bird Turkey, Domestic Sweetgrass
Bird Turkey, Domestic Tricolor
Bird Turkey, Domestic White Holland
Bird Turkey, Domestic White Midget
Bird Turkey, Domestic White, Broad-breasted
Bird Turkey, Domestic Wild
Bird Turkey, Domestic Wild Cross
Bird Turkey, Domestic Wishard
Bird Turkey, Domestic Other
Bird Warbler, Unspecified   
Bird Warbler, Yellow-Rumped   
Bird Waxwing, Cedar   
Bird Woodpecker, Acorn   
Bird Woodpecker, Hairy   
Bird Woodpecker, Pileated   
Bird Woodpecker, Unspecified  
Bird Wren, Bewicks   
Bird Wren, House   
Bird Wren, Unspecified  
Cat Cat Breed list here.
Dog Dog Breed list here.
Exotic/Other Alligator   
Exotic/Other Bearded Dragon  
Exotic/Other Chameleon   
Exotic/Other Fish   
Exotic/Other Frog   
Exotic/Other Gecko   
Exotic/Other Hermit Crab  
Exotic/Other Iguana   
Exotic/Other Insect  
Exotic/Other Lizard, Collared  
Exotic/Other Lizard, Common Sagebrush  
Exotic/Other Lizard, Common Side-Blotched  
Exotic/Other Lizard, Desert Spiny  
Exotic/Other Lizard, Eastern Fence  
Exotic/Other Lizard, Spiny-tailed (Uromastyx)  
Exotic/Other Lizard, Unspecified   
Exotic/Other Lizard, Western Fence  
Exotic/Other Lizard, Western Whiptail  
Exotic/Other Salamander, California Slender   
Exotic/Other Salamander, Tiger  
Exotic/Other Salamander, Unspecified   
Exotic/Other Skink, Narrow-Banded Sand Swimmer 
Exotic/Other Skink, Red Tailed Soil Crevice   
Exotic/Other Skink, Unspecified  
Exotic/Other Snail  
Exotic/Other Snake, Amethyst Python   
Exotic/Other Snake, Ball Python   
Exotic/Other Snake, Black Headed Python   
Exotic/Other Snake, Bull  
Exotic/Other Snake, California Mountain King   
Exotic/Other Snake, Common Garter  
Exotic/Other Snake, Common King  
Exotic/Other Snake, Desert Grassland Whiptail  
Exotic/Other Snake, Desert Patch-nosed  
Exotic/Other Snake, Eastern Small Blotched Python 
Exotic/Other Snake, Glossy  
Exotic/Other Snake, Gopher  
Exotic/Other Snake, Grey   
Exotic/Other Snake, Night  
Exotic/Other Snake, Pine-Gopher   
Exotic/Other Snake, Plateau Striped Whiptail  
Exotic/Other Snake, Python Unspecified   
Exotic/Other Snake, Red-Bellied Black   
Exotic/Other Snake, Rubber Boa   
Exotic/Other Snake, Striped Whipsnake  
Exotic/Other Snake, Tiger Whiptail   
Exotic/Other Snake, Unspecified   
Exotic/Other Snake, Western Garter   
Exotic/Other Snake, Western Rattlesnake  
Exotic/Other Spider, Unspecified   
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Antilles Pink Toe  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Asian Chevron  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Bolivian Blueleg  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Brazilian Black  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Brazilian Black and White
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Brazilian Fiery Red  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Brazilian Pink  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Brazilian Red and White  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Cameroon Red  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Chilean Rose Hair  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Cobalt Blue  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Cobalt Redrump  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Colombian Brown  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Colombian Giant Redleg  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Colombian Lesserblack  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Colombian Pinkbloom  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Colombian Purplebloom  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Common Bluebloom  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Common Pinktoe  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Costa Rican Redleg  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Costa Rican Tigerrump  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Costa Rican Zebra (Stripeknee)
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Curly Hair  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Desert Blond  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Ecuadorian Brownvelvet  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Ecuadorian Purple  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Ecuadorian Red Bloom  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Featherleg Baboon  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Fringed Ornamental  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Goliath Baboon  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Goliath Birdeater  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Goliath Pinkfoot  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Goliath Stripeleg  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Greenbottle Blue  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Haitian Brown  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Indian Ornamental  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Ivory Ornamental  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, King Baboon  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Malaysian Earthtiger  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Mexican Bloodleg  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Mexican Fireleg  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Mexican Flameknee  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Mexican Pink  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Mexican Redknee  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Mexican Redleg  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Mexican Redrump  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Mombasa Golden Starburst
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Peruvian Pink Toe  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Pink Zebra Beauty  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Redslate Ornamental  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Rio Grande Gold  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Salem Ornamental  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Salmon Pink Birdeater  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Santarem Pink-haired  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Skeleton Tarantula  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Sri Lankan Ornamental  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Straighthorned Baboon  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Tarantula  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Thailand Black  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Togo Starburst  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Trinidad Chevron  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Unspecified  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Venezuelan Sun Tiger  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Whitetoe Tarantula  
Exotic/Other Tarantula, Zimbabwe Grey Baboon  
Exotic/Other Toad, Great Basin Spadefoot  
Exotic/Other Toad, Unspecified   
Exotic/Other Tortoise, Mojave Desert   
Exotic/Other Tortoise, Red Foot   
Exotic/Other Tortoise, Unspecified   
Exotic/Other Turtle, Box   
Exotic/Other Turtle, Eastern Long Necked   
Exotic/Other Turtle, Green   
Exotic/Other Turtle, Red-Eared Slider   
Exotic/Other Turtle, Slider   
Exotic/Other Turtle, Unspecified   
Exotic/Other Turtle, Western Pond   
Exotic/Other Wombat   
Horse Horse Andalusian
Horse Horse Appaloosa
Horse Horse Appendix Quarter Horse
Horse Horse Azteca
Horse Horse Arabian
Horse Horse Belgian
Horse Horse Cleveland Bay
Horse Horse Clydesdale
Horse Horse Curly Horse
Horse Horse Draft
Horse Horse Fjord
Horse Horse Friesian
Horse Horse Gaited
Horse Horse Grade
Horse Horse Gypsy Vanner
Horse Horse Hackney
Horse Horse Haflinger
Horse Horse Hanoverian
Horse Horse Holsteiner
Horse Horse Lipizzaner
Horse Horse Miniature
Horse Horse Missouri Foxtrotter
Horse Horse Morab
Horse Horse Morgan
Horse Horse Kiger Mustang
Horse Horse Mustang
Horse Horse National Show Horse
Horse Horse Norwegian Fjord
Horse Horse Oldenburg
Horse Horse Other
Horse Horse Paint
Horse Horse Palomino
Horse Horse Paso Fino
Horse Horse Percheron
Horse Horse Peruvian Paso
Horse Horse Pinto
Horse Horse Pony of America
Horse Horse Pony, Chincoteague
Horse Horse Pony, Connemara
Horse Horse Pony, Dales
Horse Horse Pony, Dartmoor
Horse Horse Pony, Fell
Horse Horse Pony, New Forest
Horse Horse Pony, Other
Horse Horse Pony, Shetland
Horse Horse Pony, Welsh
Horse Horse Quarter Horse
Horse Horse Rocky Mountain
Horse Horse Saddlebred
Horse Horse Shire
Horse Horse Standardbred
Horse Horse Tennessee Walking Horse
Horse Horse Thoroughbred
Horse Horse Trakhener
Horse Horse Dutch Warmblood
Large mammal Bobcat   
Large mammal Coyote   
Large mammal Deer, Mule   
Large mammal Deer, Unspecified  
Large mammal Deer, White-tailed  
Large mammal Fox, Grey   
Large mammal Fox, Red   
Large mammal Fox, Unspecified   
Large mammal Warthog  
Rabbit Rabbit, Black-tailed Jack   
Rabbit Rabbit, Brush   
Rabbit Rabbit, Desert Cottontail  
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic American 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic American Fuzzy Lop 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic American Sable 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Angora, French
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Angora, Giant
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Belgian Hare 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Beveren 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Blanc de Hotot 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Britannia Petite 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Californian 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Champagne D'Argent 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Checkered Giant 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Chinchilla, American
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Chinchilla, Giant
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Chinchilla, Standard
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Cinnamon 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Crème D'Argent 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Dutch 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Dwarf Hotot 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic English Angora 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic English Spot 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Flemish Giant 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Florida White 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Harlequin 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Havana 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Himalayan 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Jersey Wooly 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Lilac 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Lionhead 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Lop, English
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Lop, French
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Lop, Holland
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Lop, Mini
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Rex, Mini
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Satin, Mini
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Netherland Dwarf 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic New Zealand 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Other 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Palomino 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Polish 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Rex 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Rhinelander 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Satin 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Angora, Satin 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Silver 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Silver Fox 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Silver Marten 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Tan 
Rabbit Rabbit, Domestic Thrianta 
Rabbit Rabbit, Unspecified   
Small mammal Bat, Big Brown  
Small mammal Bat, Brazilian Free-tailed  
Small mammal Bat, Little Brown Myotis   
Small mammal Bat, Pallid   
Small mammal Bat, Silver-haired  
Small mammal Bat, Unspecified   
Small mammal Bat, Yuma Myotis  
Small mammal Chinchilla   
Small mammal Chipmunk, Cliff  
Small mammal Chipmunk, Least  
Small mammal Chipmunk, Unspecified  
Small mammal Degu  
Small mammal Ferret   
Small mammal Gerbil  
Small mammal Gopher  
Small mammal Groundhog  
Small mammal Guinea Pig Abyssinian
Small mammal Guinea Pig American 
Small mammal Guinea Pig Crested 
Small mammal Guinea Pig Other
Small mammal Guinea Pig Peruvian (Long Haired) 
Small mammal Guinea Pig Rex 
Small mammal Guinea Pig Satin 
Small mammal Guinea Pig Smooth 
Small mammal Guinea Pig Teddy 
Small mammal Guinea Pig Texel 
Small mammal Hamster, Campbell's Dwarf   
Small mammal Hamster, Chinese Dwarf   
Small mammal Hamster, Dwarf   
Small mammal Hamster, Roborovksi Dwarf   
Small mammal Hamster, Syrian   
Small mammal Hamster, Unspecified   
Small mammal Hamster, Winter White Dwarf   
Small mammal Hedgehog  
Small mammal Mammal, Unspecified  
Small mammal Marmot, Unspecified  
Small mammal Marmot, Yellow-bellied  
Small mammal Mole  
Small mammal Mouse, Brush  
Small mammal Mouse, Canyon  
Small mammal Mouse, Dark Kangaroo  
Small mammal Mouse, Deer  
Small mammal Mouse, Domestic  
Small mammal Mouse, Field   
Small mammal Mouse, House  
Small mammal Mouse, Little Pocket  
Small mammal Mouse, Long-Tailed Pocket  
Small mammal Mouse, Northern Grasshopper  
Small mammal Mouse, Pinyon  
Small mammal Mouse, Unspecified  
Small mammal Mouse, Western Harvest  
Small mammal Oppossum   
Small mammal Porcupine   
Small mammal Prairie Dog  
Small mammal Raccoon   
Small mammal Rat, Black  
Small mammal Rat, Domestic/Norwegian  
Small mammal Rat, Kangaroo  
Small mammal Rat, Unspecified   
Small mammal Shrew, Desert  
Small mammal Skunk, Spotted   
Small mammal Skunk, Striped   
Small mammal Skunk, Unspecified  
Small mammal Squirrel Glider  
Small mammal Squirrel, California Ground   
Small mammal Squirrel, Eastern Grey   
Small mammal Squirrel, Fox   
Small mammal Squirrel, Golden-mantled Ground  
Small mammal Squirrel, Northern Flying  
Small mammal Squirrel, Rock  
Small mammal Squirrel, Unspecified  
Small mammal Squirrel, Western Grey   
Small mammal Squirrel, White-tailed Antelope  
Small mammal Sugar Glider  
Small mammal Vole, Sagebrush  
Small mammal Vole, Unspecified  
Small mammal Weasel, Long-Tailed   
Small mammal Weasel, Unspecified  
Small mammal Woodrat, Desert   
Small mammal Woodrat, White-throated