Deleting intakes, outcomes, and licenses & voiding transactions

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Intakes, outcomes, transactions, and licenses can be deleted, if necessary, via Record Management. 




On the Record Management page, you'll see 5 tabs - Intake, Outcome, Transactions, Licenses and Pre-intakes. On each tab, you'll see a list of every single event of that event type that has been processed in Shelterluv by your organization.

On the Intake tab, you can either delete an intake (which deletes the animal record completely if you are deleting the first and only intake), edit the intake subtype, or mark the animal as lost or stolen.

On the Outcome tab, you can delete an outcome or edit the outcome subtype. On the other remaining tabs, you can only delete or void the event. 

The search bars above each column on all tabs should make it quite easy for you to quickly find the correct animal, transaction, or license to make updates as needed.



  • If an animal only has one intake event on file (and no other intake or outcome events), and you delete that intake, the entire animal record will be deleted. This cannot be undone.
  • If an animal has multiple events, you must delete the most recent event first. For example, if you are trying to delete an animal record of an outcomed animal, you must delete the outcome first and then the intake to completely delete the animal record.
  • Record Management can be accessed via the gear menu in the top-right ONLY if you have the "Edit and Delete Inventories, Intakes, Outcomes, Transactions, and Licenses" permission.
  • Please note that transactions are not fully deleted from the system if voided from Record Management for accounting reasons (please reach out to for more information about this if needed).