When will payments processed through Shelterpay appear in our account?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
  • Updated

Transactions taken by 11 pm ET each day will be reported for deposit 2 business days after they were processed, and should deposit into your bank account by the 3rd business day. Any transactions processed after the cutoff time of 11 pm ET will go into the following day’s batch. Refunds will be deducted the next business day after they are processed.

There is no action you need to take to settle your transactions each day.

The green “Itemized Report” button that you see when you run the Payout Reconciliation Quick Report will give you a detailed list of all transactions associated with the payout date you are looking at:



You can learn additional details about your Shelterpay reports here: Reporting on Shelterpay transactions made with Stax