Why can't I edit the record of a transferred out animal?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
  • Updated

You cannot make any changes to the records of animals that have been transferred out of your custody to a partner organization because that record, and all the information included in it, is now considered "owned" by the partner organization and no longer yours to add to or edit.

If your partner is also using Shelterluv, please contact them to make the updates.

If your partner is not using Shelterluv, you can transfer the animal back in from the partner's "Transfers To" page to get access to it again. Once you've made the necessary updates, you can then delete the intake from the Record Management module so that the animal is moved back out of your custody and the new transfer intake isn't counted toward your reporting numbers.

Note: Animals transferred out will display the "Transferred Out -- Pending Acceptance" status within their status history indefinitely.