Drug treatment frequencies and times

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Treatment "frequency" refers to how often a treatment is completed in Shelterluv. With each frequency, there is a default time that the treatment will be created and will display in your Tasks list. You can change the default times for treatments through Configuration > Medical > Treatments and preventatives > Frequencies and times. For example, BID treatments will be set by default to occur at  8 AM and 4 PM. Changing the times for each frequency will change when treatments will appear in the Task interface.


Note: When making a selection from the frequency dropdown menu, you will need to type the following frequencies in manually as they are not visible in the dropdown menu: Q28D, Q30D, Q60D, Q90D, Q180D. 

Below is a list of the frequencies available in Shelterluv:

Frequency Definition
SID Once a day (every 24 hours)
SID (AM) Once a day in the morning
SID (PM) Once a day in the evening
BID Twice a day

Three times a day

QID Four times a day
EOD Every other day
Q3D Every 3 days
Q4D Every 4 days
Q7D Every 7 days
Q10D Every 10 days
Q14D Every 14 days
Q21D Every 21 days
Q28D Every 28 days
Q30D Every 30 days
Q60D Every 60 days
Q90D Every 90 days
Q180D Every 180 days