How do I use behavior activity (playgroups)?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Behavior activities (also referred to as playgroups) can be managed via Shelterluv using the Tasks interface.
To enable behavior activity for an animal, navigate to the Behavioral tab and Activity subtab on the animal's record. Click the blue "Edit" text on the Summary table.
You'll then see a pop-up that will first give you enable vs. disable buttons. Click "Enable", and additional fields will automatically display. It will ask you for a start and end date (or an option for no end date), frequency of the playgroup (which will dictate when and how often the animal displays in the behavior activity tasks list), and the choice to add any personality conflicts. If "yes" is selected for a conflict, you'll be asked to enter the name of the animal with which there is a conflict and choose from the options that match that name. Click "Save" when you're finished. 
Once the behavior activity is enabled, you'll start seeing a task for this activity display in the behavior activity tasks list on the start date that you entered (found under Behavioral > Activity tabs).
From the task list, select the animal(s) that will begin their playgroups and click the blue "Begin" button. You'll see the animal disappears from the "Not Yet Started" view. Click "In Process" to view this animal and any others whose playgroups have been started.
You can add notes for an animal by clicking the blue "Add" text under the Notes column. Saved notes will display on the animal's record (under Behavioral > Activity > History). 
When the playgroup is over, select the animal (or animals) that are done and click the blue "End" button.
NOTE: The system will record the exact time that an animal's playgroup was marked as beginning and the exact time the playgroup was marked as ending. From these times, the system will calculate the duration of the playgroup. This means that if it's important to you to track playgroup duration accurately, the task list will need to be updated in real-time as the playgroups are occurring. 
Clicking "End" will clear these animals off of the task list and add the completed playgroup to the animal's record (again found under Behavioral > Activity > History). This history will give the date, start time and end time, duration of the playgroup, and any added notes.
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