How to Process a Born in Care Intake

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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This article will provide a complete walkthrough of processing a born in care intake from start to finish. The "Configuration prerequisites" section below lists items in your configurations that will need to be completed prior to completing the intake.

Configuration prerequisites

Before you complete a born in care intake, you will need to make sure you have the following items configured and set up properly in your Shelterluv account:

Processing a born in care intake

To begin, navigate to the "+" icon in your menu bar next to the Shelterluv logo. Then, select "Born in Care" from the dropdown menu.



Selecting the born in care option will load a new screen where you can choose the mother of the animal. Only female animals that are currently in your custody will display in this list. You will see a search bar and filter options on this page to help make it easier to find the correct mother.

Once you have found the mother, select the blue "Mark As Parent" button on the right side.



Once you select the blue "Mark As Parent" button, you will see a pop-up that asks for the number of offspring you would like to intake. Enter the number and click "Continue". 



From there, you will be presented with your configured born in care intake form for the first littermate. If you are intaking more than one offspring, you will be taken to the form of the next littermate after you complete the form for the first littermate. Once you have completed the intake forms for each of the offspring, you will see a success message that gives you options to either go back to the main animal dashboard or view the litter's page (where you'll see all littermates AND the mother in one place).


Frequently asked questions


What if the mother has already been outcomed?



If the parent has already been outcomed but you still need to process a born in care intake from that animal record, you can complete a service intake for the animal in order to create your born in care offspring. You would likely want to configure and use new service in and service out subtypes for the parent animal that are set not to count towards your live numbers (The basics of service intakes/outcomes).



What if the mother was serviced in with a subtype that is set not to count toward my reporting numbers?



If you process a born in care intake from a parent animal that was a service intake with a subtype that is set not to count towards your live numbers, those offspring will still be counted as intakes towards your live numbers. 

Additionally, the offspring will be listed as part of the litter with the parent, but the person or partner record from which the parent record was serviced in from will not be listed on the offsprings' History tab.