How do I use behavior categories?

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Behavior categories can be very useful in communicating animals' important behavior information to staff and volunteers, and it can be especially useful if you're using the playgroup (i.e. behavior activity) functionality in the software.
To set up your behavior categories, anyone with full configuration permissions can go to Configuration > General Shelter > Behavior Management > Behavior Categories. There you can enter as many behavior categories as you need. Learn more about how to best use and set up categories here
Once you have your categories set up, you can add a behavior category to an animal from that animal's record. On the Profile tab of the animal's record, you'll see the different category types in the 4th small section from the top. 
If you click the green "Edit Record" button and then click the dotted line beside "Behavior Category", you'll get a pop-up that will ask you to choose the category. Clicking "Update" will add that behavior category to the animal's record. 
Using behavior categories for playgroups ("behavior activity")
If the animal has behavior activity enabled (in order to participate in regular playgroups) and a behavior category on their record, this behavior category will display in the behavior activity Tasks page when that animal has a scheduled activity, for your easy reference. 
To enable behavior activity for an animal, navigate to the Behavioral tab and Activity subtab. Click the blue "Edit" text on the Summary table.
You'll then see a pop-up that will first give you enable vs. disable buttons. Click "Enable", and additional fields will automatically display. It will ask you for a start and end date (or an option for no end date), frequency of the playgroup (which will dictate when and how often the animal displays in the behavior activity tasks list), and the choice to add any personality conflicts. If "yes" is selected for a conflict, you'll be asked to enter the name of the animal with which there is a conflict and choose from the options that match that name. Click "Save" when you're finished. 
Once the behavior activity is enabled, you'll start seeing a task for this activity display in the behavior activity tasks list on the start date that you entered (found under Behavioral > Activity tabs). The task for the animal will include the behavior category information for your easy reference. 
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