Building your applications

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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In Shelterluv, we have adoption, foster, owner surrender, and custom applications that you can configure to fit your needs. All applications can be built in Configuration in the Application Builder section.



From there, choose which application you'd like to start with from the dropdown or select "Add New Type" for other programs such as Community Cat, Community Services, Volunteer, etc.



Setting up email alerts

After you've selected the application type, you'll see a checkbox option for "Auto-email submitted applications". If you check this box, you can add email addresses that you would like to receive every submitted application of the selected type. Simply click "Add Email Address" and enter the email. After submitting an email, you can always go back and edit or delete that address. 



Default Questions

We have a set of default questions that are already built in for you so you don't need to create them yourself.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Spouse/Partner/Roommate to Put on Record
  • Street Address
  • Apt#/unit
  • City
  • State
  • County
  • Zip code
  • Primary Phone - required
  • Second Phone - optional
  • Third Phone - optional
  • E-mail 1
  • E-mail 2 (optional)

This question is on adoption application only:

  • Which animals are you interested in?

The following animal profile fields (for up to 5 animals) are always included on Owner Surrender applications and can be enabled on custom applications with the "Collect Animal Information" checkbox:

  • Animal Name
  • Species
  • Primary Breed
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Age Group
  • Age Today
  • Estimated Birthdate





Adding Your Own Questions

Below the auto-email box, you can add new questions or items for that application by clicking the "Add Question/Application Item" button. There is no way to copy questions from one application type to another, so you will need to build each application separately.

For each new question on the application, you'll be asked to complete certain details:

  • question title
  • any help text that might help clarify to applicants what the question is asking for
  • question type (i.e. the type of response to the question - text, paragraph text, multiple choice, drop down, date, number)
  • mandatory or optional response



Multiple Choice question type will display as checkboxes, not radio buttons, so applicants will be able to choose more than one. If you would like them to only choose one, you can choose the drop down question type.


To edit existing questions, such as changing the order in which they are displayed, you can simply click the "Edit" text on the right side of each question. 


Distributing Applications

To share these applications with members of the public, use the URL at the top of the builder and place it wherever you'd like the adopters/fosters to have access to it. That might be on your own website as a hyperlink or behind a button, for example.

If you use the Shelterluv iframe on your website, your adoptable animals will have an "Apply for Adoption" button that links directly to your adoption application, if enabled in your configurations.