Uploading Animals to Your Own Website

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Getting your animals uploaded and published to your website has never been easier with Shelterluv's iframe or API. With our iframe, you can use the iframe (code snippet) that we generate for each species (dog, cat, mammal, etc.). See an example of what it looks like. You can also create a customized iframe for a specific group of animals, using a custom report (details on this below).

If you are looking for a more customized solution, you can use Shelterluv's API to build out your own feed of animals from your Shelterluv account to your website to bring your designs and aesthetic to life. Please note that using the API requires extensive coding and web development knowledge.

Your animal records MUST be in a status that is configured publish = Yes in order to appear on your iframe.

Using Shelterluv's standard iframe

The simplest, plug-and-play solution to upload your animals to your website is to use Shelterluv's standard iframe. This involves copying and pasting a small snippet of code in your own website's code where you would like your available animals to display.

To begin, navigate to your gear icon > Configuration > Uploads & Integrations > My Organization's Website.


To generate this snippet of code, select the type of animal that you would like on a page. If you would like to see all "publishable" animals, no matter their intake type, keep the "Any type of intake" field as is with the default "Select" option.

Once you have the settings to your liking, select the blue "Generate" button. This will give you a pop-up that contains the snippet of code to use. You can do this for each type of animal you'd like to use iframes for. Often, this means an iframe code snippet for dogs and one for cats.


Someone who is familiar with the setup of your website will be able to insert this code snippet into the page where you would like it to display.

The iframe pulls directly from Shelterluv, so animals are updated within 15 minutes when their status changes.

Iframe Settings

Show Filters

Checking this box will display the following filters on your iframe for your potential adopters to use:

  • Sex
  • Attributes
  • Age Group
  • Breed
  • Size Groups
  • Sort
  • Search by name

Show "Apply for Adoption" button

Checking this box will display a blue "Apply for Adoption" button on each animal's profile which will automatically link each adoptable animal's page to a digital application that you can configure if the animal is currently in a status that's configured as "adoptable."

Show "Donate" button

Checking this box will add a blue "Donate" button to your iframe which will link to your organization's free Donation Boost Widget to help you capture more donations.

Hide animal IDs in URLs

This obscures the incrementing animal ID from being used in the URL to prevent members of the public from viewing animals that are not published.

Animal profile fields

Checking or unchecking the following fields will either add or remove them from the animal's profile on your iframe:

  • Animal ID
  • Breed
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Location
  • Adoption Fee
  • Intake Date

Using Shelterluv's custom iframe

If you'd like to display a page of animals that is more specific than general species (cats, dogs), you can generate a more specific snippet of code to create a custom iframe by:

  1. Generating a custom entities report for the specific group of animals you'd like to display on a page together. (Custom iframes are not available for custom events reports.)
  2. Once you have the custom entities report built, save the report. This custom report will display in the "My Saved Reports" tab.
  3. In the "My Saved Reports" tab, click the Action button and the "Generate Embeddable Snippet" option.
  4. In most cases, you will want to select "Always run this report as 'Today'" to get the current snapshot of animals that fit the criteria on your report.



If you need help running custom reports, please review this Help Center article: How do I run custom reports?

Using a Custom Entities Report to generate the code for a custom iframe allows you to publish animals regardless of their status configuration (Publish = Yes/No). Using report rules gives you even more control over the animals that will be included in this custom iframe without impacting the animals that are displayed in your standard iframes. Here are a few different use cases for custom iframes:

Using Shelterluv's API to display animals on your website

A third and even more customized option for uploading animals to your own website is to use the API. A key for the API can be generated in the same section of your configurations just below the iframe settings. This option will require technical assistance within your organization including a robust knowledge of coding and web development. Read more about the API here.



Frequently Asked Questions


What items will be displayed on the standard iframe?



  • Unlimited published photos and (if applicable) YouTube videos
  • Animal Name
  • Animal ID
  • Apply for Adoption button (if enabled)
  • Donate button (if enabled)
  • Species & Breed
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Location (we will display the words "Foster Home" if the animal is in foster)
  • Attributes (that are configured to Publish to Web)
  • Kennel Card / Website Memo



How do I use the iframe with GoDaddy's website builder?



If your iframe is not displaying correctly using the GoDaddy website builder tool, simply disable the "Center align" option.




How do I use the iframe with WordPress?



To use our iFrame with your WordPress site, you will want to paste the code into the text editor on the page you are creating as shown below:


After entering the code, click Preview to be sure the iframe loads correctly and you see the animals you are expecting.