Uploading animals to your own website

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To upload available animals to your own website, you have a few different options.

  1. You can use the iframe (code snippet) that we generate for each species (dog, cat, mammal, etc.). See an example of what it looks like.
  2. You can create a customized iframe for a specific group of animals, using a custom report.
  3. You can use the API (key found in Configuration).

Let's look at each in a little more detail.

(Take a look at these articles if you need assistance with WordPress or GoDaddy.)


Standard iframe

The simplest way is to use an iframe. This involves adding a small snippet of code in your own website's code where you would like available animals to display. Navigate to Configuration > Uploads & Integrations > My Organization's Website to get started!


To generate this snippet of code, select the type of animal that you would like on a page. If you'd like to see all "publishable" animals, no matter their intake type, keep the "Any type of intake" field as is with the default "Select" option.

Clicking Generate will give you a pop-up that contains the snippet of code to use. You can do this for each type of animal you'd like to use iframes for. Often this means an iframe code snippet for dogs and one for cats.


Someone who is familiar with the setup of your website will be able to insert this snippet on the page where you'd like it to display. Please note: The code copied from Configurations does have line breaks for display purposes, but this may cause your html editor to automatically insert page breaks which will cause the iframe not to display. When entering the iframe code, into a page, it's best to do it like it's all one line so the editor won't insert line break tags.

The iframe pulls directly from Shelterluv, so animals are updated within 15 minutes when their status changes.



  • Enable filters on all iframes
    • Sex
    • Attributes
    • Age Group
    • Breed
    • Size Groups
    • Sort
    • Search by name
  • Enable "Apply to Adopt" button on all iframes
    • The iframe will automatically link each adoptable animal's page to a digital application that you can configure, if the animal is currently in a status that's configured as "adoptable." Submitted applications can be reviewed in Application Manager (via the gear menu). If you wish to disable this button, simply uncheck that option in configuration.
  • Enable "Donate" button on all iframes
    • This button will link to your organization's free Donation Boost Widget to help you capture more donations.
  • Hide Animal IDs in URLs
    • This obscures the incrementing animal ID from being used in the URL to prevent members of the public from viewing animals that are not published.
  • Toggle Animal Profile Fields
    • Additionally, you can toggle on/off any of the animal profile fields:
      • Animal ID
      • Breed
      • Sex
      • Weight
      • Age
      • Location
      • Adoption Fee
      • Intake Date

Items that will be displayed

  1. Unlimited published photos and (if applicable) YouTube videos
  2. Animal Name
  3. Animal ID
  4. Apply for Adoption button (if enabled)
  5. Donate button (if enabled)
  6. Species & Breed
  7. Sex
  8. Age
  9. Weight
  10. Location (we will display the words "Foster Home" if the animal is in foster)
  11. Attributes (that are configured to Publish to Web)
  12. Kennel Card / Website Memo


Custom iframe

If you'd like to display a page of animals that is more specific than general species (cats, dogs), you can generate a more specific snippet of code to create a custom iframe by:

  1. Generating a custom entities report for that specific group of animals you'd like to display on a page together. (Custom iframes are not available for custom events reports.)
  2. Save that custom report. This custom report will display in the "My Saved Reports" tab.
  3. In My Saved Reports, click the Action button and "Generate Embeddable Snippet".
  4. In most cases, you will want to select "Always run this report as 'Today'" to get the current snapshot of animals that fit the criteria on your report.

Important note: Using a Custom Entities Report to generate the code for a custom iframe allows you to publish animals regardless of their status configuration (Publish = Yes/No). Using report rules gives you even more control over the animals that will be included in this custom iframe without impacting the animals that are displayed in your standard iframes. Here's a few different use cases for custom iframes:





A third, even more customized option for uploading animals to your own website is to use the API. A key for the API can generated in the same section of Configuration. This option will require technical assistance within your organization. Read more about the API here.