Setting up your intake forms and subtypes

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Configuring your intake forms is a crucial step in getting your organization up and running on Shelterluv. You can find your intake forms in Configuration under Intake & Outcome (reminder: only those with Configuration permissions will have access to it in their gear menu). 


Intake Subtypes

The first thing you need to set up are your intake subtypes. These subtypes allow you to be a little more descriptive about why the animal has come into your custody. For example, common subtypes of an adoption return intake are owner moving, doesn't get along with resident animal, and landlord doesn't allow.

You can set up these subtypes for each type of intake, and you can further define these subtypes in two ways - whether or not the subtype should count towards intake numbers (for reporting purposes), and if the intake subtype is a live intake.

For reporting purposes, subtypes configured as "No" in the Count towards Intake/Outcome Events column, will appear in separate Custom Events Reports from your traditional intakes and outcomes:


For subtypes that are configured as "DOA" (and not "Live"), the animal will be automatically outcomed as deceased upon intake:


You can add new and edit individual subtypes, and you can also set a certain subtype as the default to display in your intake form if you wish (this default can always be changed, it's simply what displays when the form is first loaded).


See the Best practices for configuring intake / outcome subtypes article for some great templates and examples for Intake Subtypes!


Intake Forms 

Along with your intake subtypes, you can do some configuring of each of your intake forms. 


Within each form, you can make a few different types of updates. You can:

  • click and drag to rearrange the fields
  • mark some fields as required or optional (with the * icon)
  • hide or display (with the eye icon).

Each intake form is a little bit different, so it's important to go through each one that you will be using and configure each to fit your organization's needs. 

See the Best practices for configuring Intake / Outcome Forms article for some great templates and examples for Intake Forms!