Medical Introduction

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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In this article, we will introduce you to the medical parts of the software, as a place to begin when you're first starting with Shelterluv. 

This article will discuss where to find and how to use the medical parts of the software. To learn more about how to configure the different medical parts of the software to fit the needs of your shelter or rescue, you can do so here


From the Animal Record

To view, add, and edit medical information for a particular animal, you can navigate to that animal's record. There you'll see the "Medical" tab. 



You'll notice that there are many different subtabs under Medical for different medical functionalities. Let's walk through what you'll find on each subtab:

  • Medical Summary
    • Mark a medical outcome for the animal - euthanasia or unassisted death in custody.
    • Create a litter - this will allow you to create new littermates for this animal. You'll be asked how many littermates you'd like to create, and then you'll be taken through the intake forms for each new littermate.
    • Add a medical memo - adding a medical note from here will display the memo directly beneath the "Add Medical Memo" button, as well as on the Memos tab of the record (with all other types of memos saved for the animal).
    • The medical summary contains some basic medical information about the animal, most of which was likely entered when the animal was first entered as an intake. This information includes estimated birthdate, age, spay/neutered information, weight, and weight history. These fields can all be edited by clicking the green "Edit Record" button and then clicking on the field you'd like to update (it will be underlined with a dotted line when you're in "edit mode").
    • From this subtab, you can also:
  • Diagnosis
    • From this subtab, you can add a diagnosis for an animal. You can also add a diagnosis in the process of completing a physical exam (see below). All diagnoses added via the Physical Exam form will automatically display on this Diagnosis tab as an active diagnosis.
    • When you're ready to resolve a diagnosis, you can do so by clicking on the 3-dot icon on the upper right hand corner of the diagnosis card and clicking "Resolve". 
    • The diagnosis options will need to be configured via Configuration by admin users who have full configuration permissions. 
    • You can learn more about adding diagnoses and resolving diagnoses
  • Diagnostic Tests
    • From this subtab, you can both schedule and complete a diagnostic test. All scheduled diagnostic tests will appear on the Medical tab on the Tasks page. When you mark a scheduled test as complete from the Tasks page, the Diagnostic Tests subtab of the animal's record will automatically update to reflect that completion.
    • You can learn more about adding a diagnostic test here
    • Diagnostic test types can be added via Configuration by users with full configuration permissions. 
  • Vaccines
    • You can schedule or complete vaccines from this subtab. You can learn more about adding vaccines here and learn more about some common vaccine FAQs here.
    • Vaccine products are NOT configurable via Configuration. This field is a default list with pre-defined product options to choose from. If you believe there is a specific product that is missing, please let us know at and we can add it to the list. 
  • Daily Observation
    • This subtab allows you to record the details of a basic daily observation, for things like appetite, stool, urination, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, and more.
  • Physical Exam
    • This subtab is where you can record a physical exam for the animal. Clicking the "Add physical exam" button will open a new exam form from the right side of the screen. This form allows you to complete the different fields while also having access to the animal's full record, which is useful if you need to reference something from another part of the record while completing the form. 
    • Learn more about adding a physical exam here
  • Treatment
    • From this subtab, you can add drugs and other types of treatments, like a bandage change or suture removal. You can view the treatment sheet for the animal by entering the date range you're interesting in and clicking the blue "View" button.
    • The custom drug treatment and other treatment options can be configured via Configuration by users with medical configuration permissions.
  • Procedures & Surgeries
    • This is where you can schedule and record procedures and surgeries. All scheduled procedures/surgeries will display in the Medical tab on the Tasks page on the scheduled date. Once the procedure or surgery is marked as complete from the Tasks page, this subtab will update with the completion information.
    • You can learn more about adding and scheduling a surgery or procedure here
    • The procedure and surgery options can be configured via Configuration by users with full configuration permissions.
  • Health Consults
    • You can use this subtab to schedule vet checks and CVT checks. Scheduled checks will display on the Medical tab on the Tasks page. Once the check is marked as complete from the Tasks page, the Health Consults tab on the animal's record will automatically update with the completed information for that check.
    • You can learn more about adding and completing health checks here
    • When scheduling a check, you will be asked to indicate a reason for the check. These reasons can be configured to fit your organization's needs via Configuration by a user with full configuration permissions.


From Tasks

All of the scheduled medical-related tasks added to animal records will be rolled up into one place, the Tasks page, where you can complete each scheduled task. 

You can find the Tasks page by clicking the checkbox icon at the very top of the screen, to the left of the search bar. 



On the Tasks page, you'll see another "Medical" tab that contains the different medical subtabs. 

From each subtab, you can enter a certain date range or check the box for "Show overdue". The medical tasks that were scheduled for your selected dates (all added from the individual animal's record) will display in a list. For most medical tasks, you can filter this list by animal type and animal location. 

To mark the medical task as completed, simply click the checkbox for that animal and then click the blue "Complete" button. 


Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing