How do I upload photos and videos to an animal record?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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There are two ways you can add photos and videos to an animal record: from the intake form when you're first intaking the animal, and later from the animal's record. Shelterluv supports unlimited photos and videos (videos must first be uploaded to YouTube).


From the intake form

All intake forms include a field for adding photos and videos. These forms are configurable by admin users with configuration permissions, so those users at your rescue or shelter control whether or not this field is displayed on intake forms and where on the form it's displayed. 

If this field is configured to display on your shelter or rescue's intake forms, it will look like this:


Simply clicking the black plus sign will launch the Media Manager pop-up.

To upload photos, click Browse to find the photo on your computer. Then click "Add".


To upload videos, click the Videos tab, enter the YouTube video URL, and click "Add".



From the animal's record

You can also add photos or videos to an animal's record after the intake has already been completed. Open up the animal's record and simply click on the photo box on the left side of the record. That will open the Media Manager pop-up where you can choose and upload the animal's photos and enter the video URLs, just as described above. 


Managing an animal's photos and videos

For each photo that you upload, you can decide which photo will be the main photo for the animal, or the "cover" photo, from the Media Manager. This will be the main photo that displays on the animal's record AND the main photo that will display on aggregators (like Adopt-a-Pet), if your shelter or rescue has auto-uploads set up from Shelterluv.

You can also decide which photos and videos will be published to aggregators and your own website by clicking the check box beside "Publish".

From the Media Manager, you can also delete photos from an animal's record by clicking the red "X", as well as download photos from the animal's record by clicking the blue "Download".


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