How do I change an animal's location?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Changing an animal's location is pretty straightforward, but how you do so depends on the type of location to which you'd like to move the animal.


From one shelter location to another shelter location

From the animal's record, click the green "Edit Record" button. The location of the animal should then display with a dotted black line underneath it.


Clicking on the location will open a pop-up that contains the location fields (1st-level location displayed first, 2nd-level location displayed second, etc.). Simply click on these fields and choose the new location from the drop-downs. 



From a shelter location to a foster parent (or vice versa)

Moving an animal to and from a foster parent is considered an "event" in Shelterluv, just like intakes and outcomes. So just like intakes and outcomes, moving an animal to a foster parent can be started from the foster parent's record. 

You can learn more about moving an animal to and from a foster parent here.