How do I add a diagnosis to an animal?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Diagnoses can be added to an animal's record in two ways.

1 - From the Diagnosis subtab on the Medical tab

On the Diagnosis subtab, you'll find a blue "Add Diagnosis" button. add_diagnosis.png


Clicking this button will trigger a pop-up that asks for the date, the diagnosis type (configurable by users with configuration permissions), a text box for any related notes, and a text box to record who made the diagnosis. 



Completing these fields and clicking "Save" will add a new card to the Diagnosis tab on the animal's record. Active diagnoses will display with a yellow bar on the left side of the card. 


2 - From the physical exam form

When you are completing a physical exam form, a few of the last questions on the form will be specific to diagnoses. With the Diagnosis drop-down field, you can select a diagnosis to add to the animal's record. You can add any additional diagnosis notes to the Diagnosis Notes field. This will automatically add a new diagnosis card on the Diagnosis subtab of the animal's record.

Diagnosis is not a required field on the Physical Exam forms. It is just an option on these forms to help make it very simple to add a diagnosis while completing a physical exam.




Configuration Notes: Diagnosis types can be configured for your shelter or rescue in Configuration. Learn more here about how to best configure diagnoses for your organization.


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