What is the "Intake Into" field used for on intake forms?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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You may notice that when completing any type of intake form, you're asked to complete this field:


This is a default field in all intake forms that is always required. The order in which it appears on the form can be updated via Configuration (by users with full configuration permissions), but it cannot be otherwise configured (it will always be displayed and required).

This field gives you an option of intaking an animal directly into a foster home if you'd like. This functionality is especially useful for foster-based rescues. In one form, they can create the animal record AND record the animal as being in the care of a foster parent.

Note that only person records with the "Willing Foster" attribute or those that are actively fostering an animal will be available to assign the new animal record to on the intake form.

If the animal you're intaking is not going directly to a foster parent, you will choose the "Shelter" option. 


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