What are fee credits?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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You may notice a "fee credit" in your accounting reporting. These are credits that Shelterluv makes to your account when transactions with fees covered are refunded. This fee credit is used to make your organization "whole" after these particular refunds. 



When an adopter chooses to cover fees for their Shelterpay transaction, the cover fees amount includes a nominal fee for Shelterluv. We use this fee to help cover our expenses, reinvest in the software, and keep our software affordable to organizations just like yours. Check out these FAQs for more details on this nominal fee. 

When a transaction with fees covered is refunded, the refund to your adopter will include that nominal fee. In order to make your organization "whole" and avoid, in effect, charging your organization this nominal fee, Shelterluv issues a "fee credit" as a separate transaction in your account.

This will appear in your transaction reporting as a separate transaction called "Fee Credit." It will be categorized with a dedicated "Fee Credit" department in accounting reporting. 

Your organization will not be charged a processing fee for this additional transaction - Shelterluv will cover the processing fee.

The fee credit amount will be calculated to be proportional to the amount refunded on the sale transaction. For example, if you refund the full sale transaction, the full amount of the nominal fee will be given back to your organization via a fee credit. If you refund 50% of the total sale transaction, 50% of the nominal fee will be given back to your organization via a fee credit.