How to Process Non-Adoption Transactions with Shelterpay

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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Shelterpay is built to make your checkout process easy, efficient, and paperless. Shelterpay's donation boost has generated more than $17+ million in donations directly to organizations like yours!

This article will walk you through how to utilize Shelterpay for more than just your adoptions so you can take advantage of all Shelterpay has to offer through its digital and donation features.

For a Shelterpay overview, please take a look at Shelterpay: What is Mobile Checkout?

Configuration prerequisites

Before you can complete transactions for your services or retail items, you will need to make sure you have the following items configured and set up correctly in your Shelterluv account:

  Connect your Stax account to Shelterluv
  Configure your non-adoption shopping cart items
  Define your departments, fund/GL codes, and cash drawers
  Configure your checkout outcome form


Items, services, and $0 transactions to process through Shelterpay

Any product or service you charge for or that you provide for free should be completed through Shelterpay! This could be services you provide to the public, such as microchips, vaccines, a free spay/neuter weekend event, behavior classes, and boarding.

Do you have a retail store? If so, you can easily add all your retail items to your non-adoption shopping cart list and process the transactions through Shelterpay.

Using Shelterpay to process your product and service transactions that you charge for or provide at no cost will significantly increase donations your organization can receive from your customers.

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Adding non-adoption items to your shopping cart

Completing the Shelterpay checkout

Finalizing the transaction